Asphalt Products

Asphalt Products

Our asphalt facilities are capable of producing a wide variety of asphalt mixes based on your individual project needs.

Asphalt is the preferred paving surface of US roads and highways as well as parking lots, walking trails and bike paths.

All Barrett asphalt facilities are DOT certified and run by an experienced staff that upholds our strict quality, safety and operating standards. Each asphalt plant has earned recognition with the NAPA Diamond Award for operational excellence. Our team of certified quality control technicians is equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and testing laboratories to ensure all material specification needs are met.

Asphalt Mix Types

Hot Mix Asphalt
Hot Mix Asphalt is a high quality material comprised of approximately 5% asphalt cement that acts as a binder and 95% aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand). All materials used are required to meet certain standards established by State DOT’s and other agencies to assure that they will perform their intended functions.

Some additives may be used such as rubber from used car tires as well as reclaimed “asphalt” from old roads called RAP (recycled asphalt pavement). The exact combination of ingredients is customized for each project based on a number of factors, including local weather patterns and expected traffic conditions. When expert assistance is required, our Certified Lab Technicians work with customers to optimize mix designs.

Warm Mix Asphalt - 'EcoMat®'
EcoMat® pavement systems provide asphaltic paving materials which can be mixed and placed at temperatures up to 100°F (37.8°C) lower than traditional asphalt mixes.

Produced using state-of-the-art technologies, EcoMat® mixes are more workable, easier to use, and better for the environment. Lower working temperatures reduce equipment wear and tear, thereby improving the service life and operational effectiveness of the production equipment. As an added benefit, EcoMat® can qualify users’ projects for LEED credits.

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold Mix Asphalt mixes emulsified asphalt with aggregate. While in its emulsified state, the asphalt is less viscous and the mixture is easier to compact and workable. Cold Mix is commonly used as a patching material on lower traffic volume roads.