Statement Regarding COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Dear customers and community,

Our company is acting with an abundance of care on how we approach the Corona Virus pandemic. While we are adjusting our operations to be safe for our teammates, our customers, and our communities, we will continue to provide supplies and services to our customers and the public.  We will outline below the availability of our operations, actions taken by the company to keep safety as the highest priority, and our approach to the evolving state of the situation.


Current business hours:

    • Litchfield Quarry (7am-3pm)
    • Jamesville HMA (7:30am-3pm)
    • Watertown Quarry (7am-4pm)
    • Norwood Quarry (7am-4pm)
    • Boonville Quarry (7am-4pm)
  • OHIO
    • Reading HMA (7am-3pm)
    • Moraine HMA (7am-3pm)
    • Hardin S&G (7:30am-4pm)
    • Haddix S&G (7:30am-4pm)
    • West Carrollton S&G (7:30am-4pm)
    • Miami River Quarry (7:30am-4pm)
    • Ludlow Quarry (7:30am-4pm)
    • Richmond Quarry (7:30am-4pm)
    • New Breman Ready-Mix (7:30am-3:30pm)
    • Hardin Ready-Mix (7:30am-3:30pm)

Safety Actions

We ask that all customer and truck drivers stay in their vehicles, if possible, on our manufacturing facilities and maintain appropriate social distance from others on our facilities.

Any employee whose job responsibilities permit are working from home. We are following all other CDC and department of health guidelines in relation to social distancing and quarantining if needed

The company is committed to maintaining the appropriate sanitary and protective supplies at our facilities.

The company continues to monitor and comply with all local, state, and federal guidelines and directives concerning reducing the spread of the virus.

Future Actions

The company will continue to adjust our operations as appropriate to local, state, and federal information and situation.  We will continue to communicate with transparency any information that will help our colleagues, customers, and community.

We wish everyone health and safety.


Neil Dicob | Regional Manager – Barrett New York North
Jim Meckstroth| Regional Manager – Barrett Mid Ohio
Scot Owens
 | Regional Manager – Barrett New York Central
Jeff Payne
 | Regional Manager, Manufacturing – Barrett Mid West Central
Jeremy Sleve | Regional Manager, Construction – Barrett Mid West Central